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We are a group of brain and spine specialists who work together in private practice, providing the highest quality of care, each of us being a specialist in our respective field. Combining our skills gives a wide range with a lot of experience and expertise. While we are a private practice we are affiliated with local hospitals but are separate to the DHB.

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What is Neurological Consultation and Treatment?

Neurological Consultation and Treatment

The neurologist will talk with you about your symptoms and review your medications and other medical history. The neurologist may also review previous scans. An examination of the nervous system is usually carried out and sometimes also a general physical examination.

What is Neurosurgical consultation and treatment?

Neurological Consultation and Treatment

A typical first consultation takes around 30-45 minutes. During this a thorough history and examination will be taken. After this any imaging that has been performed prior to the consultation will be reviewed. At a subsequent follow up consultation, the results of any investigations will be discussed and a plan for treatment (surgical or non surgical) will be made.


What do we do in an ACC assessment?

ACC Specialist Assessment

Your GP may have referred you for specialist help in connection with an accident. In this accident type of appointment, you will already have an accepted ACC claim. This type of appointment is almost identical to a normal consultation, except, ACC pay the consultation fee.

What is Encephalogram? (EEG)

EEG testing, with video

An EEG (encephalogram) is a test that helps find abnormalities in the electricals activity of the brain. EEG is the main test for epilepsy. EEG is also useful in some brain tumour cases, strokes, some infections, some sleep disorders, drug intoxications, after brain injury and in some psychological disorders.

What is Lumbar Puncture?

Lumbar Puncture

Lumbar puncture, a needle is inserted between two lumbar bones to remove a sample of cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid is sent for laboratory analysis. A lumbar puncture can help diagnose serious infections and inflammatory disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Guillain-Barre syndrome.

What is Occipital Nerve Block?

Occipital Nerve Block

Occipital neuralgia pain usually starts in the neck and spreads upwards. It is usually due to “wear and tear” in the upper cervical region. Occipital Neuralgia will sometimes respond well to an occipital nerve block injection. In the long term physical therapies and medications are also usually needed.

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In order to make an appointment with a Specialist at Waikato Brain and Spine, you will be required to have a current referral from either a medical practitioner or another specialist.

Both ACC and Southern Cross Approved

WBAS are contracted specialist providers for ACC.

We are Southern Cross Insurance Affiliated Providers: For consultations, EEG’s, and Lumbar Puncture.

The Team

Dr Paul Timmings

Paul is a Waikato based Specialist Neurologist in Hamilton, NZ. He also holds a Senior Lecturer post with The University of Auckland School of Medicine...

Dr Paul Timmings


Dr Thirayan Muthu

After completing my postgraduate training in Chennai, India, I travelled to the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom for further training in microneurosurgery, and...

Dr Thirayan Muthu


Dr Zakier Hussain

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery: Chennai University, India 1991
Master of Chirurgery (Neurosurgery): Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai...

Dr Zakier Hussain


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